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Shipping and delivery

1. National Shipping:

The dispatch of parcels within Germany is normally carried out with DHL.

The concrete packaging & shipping costs we note on our offers !!!

Flat rates for the "normal" shipping within Germany we can offer for the following.

2) International Shipping:

  • When selling equipment within the EU, the calculation of the German VAT can be waived if the buyer us his valid UsSt.-IDNr. provides.

  • When shipping to third countries, the calculation of German VAT is not applicable if the export is carried out by our forwarding agent.

  • When shipping to third countries, the previously calculated German value added tax will be reimbursed to the buyer if, after export, the buyer sends us a valid, properly stamped export certificate issued to the company "ophthalplanet - Thomas Weickhardt".

  • "Deal of the Day": With consultation also shipping abroad possible, otherwise collection in the warehouse.

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